What are the different types of bed liners?

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2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 gray with a bed liner filled with wood

Spray-on vs. drop-in bed liners
Are you looking for a bed liner for your truck? You may be querying what the different types of bedliners there are. We will help you find answers as we explore the contrasts between spray-on vs. drop-in bed liners. You may discover your perfect solution.

Chevy bedliner with rocks scattered across it

Benefits and drawbacks of spray-on bedliners
When applied correctly, spray-on bed liners can be expensive but effective. Essentially all surfaces must be properly prepared first. This means that your factory paint will be damaged in the areas that will receive the assiduousness. As such, spray-on bed liners are not removable or transferable.

Spray-on bed liners can be superior to drop-in bed liners when it comes to holding your goods in place, as in addition to their texture, the material shares many properties with rubber. When it comes to dents and dings, spray-on bed liners offer little protection to your bed. Spray-on bed liners also tend to fade when exposed to sunlight after a few years.

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Chevy drop in bed liner
Benefits and drawbacks of drop-in bed liners
Drop-in bed liners are affordable by comparison. However, be wary of brands not supported by the manufacturer. If the fit isn’t perfect, drop-in bed liners can flop around and even buffet in the wind. Installation is generally smooth, and through professionals can provide installation services, many truck owners will be capable of installing drop-in bed liners at home.

Due to their ease of installation, drop-in bed liners are also transferable, and they don’t damage your paint. Drop-in bed liners are an easy to install cheap-looking alternative to the spray in bedliner. Also, their plastic surfaces will allow your cargo to slide more easily than with a spray-on bed liner.

2018 Chevy Silverado 1500 blue with a bed liner top view

Chevy carpeted bed liner and rubberized bed mat side by side

Alternatives to traditional spray-on or drop-in bed liners
You do have a few other options. Tantamount to a drop-in bed liner, you can utilize a carpeted bed liner. They may not be as resilient, but they do prevent your goods from sliding. Another option you can employ is a rubber bed mat which will not protect your entire bed, but they are affordable and to protect the most often scratched and dinged part of your bed.

Conclusively the choice will come down to what works best for you and the way you utilize your truck.

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